Farm Memberships!

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What is a farm membership?

A farm membership is your chance to finally become a part of a community farm, without having to quit your day job or sell the house! These memberships were created at Buttermilk to secure access to delicious healthy food, hands-on educational experiences and pristine nature sanctuaries for folks of all ages and income levels.

Buying a seasonal farm membership guarantees you access to the best resources that our farm has to offer - the same resources farm residents depend on and enjoy throughout the year.  Being a member gives you a pass to one of the most diverse and beautiful places in the St. Croix River Valley.. for just $60/person/season.

How is a farm membership different from a CSA membership?

While all of our members are warmly encouraged to come out and enjoy the farm in person, farm members simply must spend time at Buttermilk in order to reap the benefits of the membership.

CSA members receive weekly shares, delivered right into the Twin Cities area (and beyond) while farm members enjoy the gardens in person. Farm members come out to the farm to harvest their own produce, in addition to making the most of all the other seasonal resources this magical place has to offer, from hiking and canoeing to attending farm festivals and folk school workshops.

NOTE: Produce will be allotted to farm members as available at the time of your visit. We will invite you to hand-harvest items that we have in abundance for you to take home. There is no guarantee what types or how much of these items you will be able to have

One more noteworthy difference between CSA and farm shares is that CSA shares are for the duration of the garden season, a total of 18 weeks beginning in June. Farm shares are available by season, allotted in 3-month increments, with emphasis on the best that each of those seasons has to offer. Pricing for each type of membership reflects these differences, so farm memberships are a smaller investment initially.

Membership Perks Include:

  • Unlimited opportunities to visit YOUR farm and enjoy all onsite resources, from hiking trails and garden time to waterfall visits and St. Croix River access.
  • 4 different seasonal membership options with varying farm resources/benefits - You pick your favorite(s)!  *see below
  • Pick your own member shares - harvest in-season chemical free produce for family & friends, with your own 2 hands!
  • Access to & discounts on farm workshops, retreat stays, special events, & seasonal festivals
  • Use of the farm's canoes and paddles (small fee if you require transport)

Available by Season


Spring: March-May

    Maple syruping activities, Wild edible foraging, watercress harvest, farm retreats

Summer: June-August

    Summer produce harvest, garden activities, hiking, swimming, camping, summer festival, farm retreats, canoeing on the St. Croix

Autumn: September-November

    Autumnal produce harvest, garden activities, hiking, swimming, camping, fall festival, farm retreats, canoeing on the St. Croix

Winter: December-February

    Firewood collecting/chopping to take home, winter hiking, snowshoeing, farm retreats, holiday festivities

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